15-day Cleopatra route

This route is really sailing off the beaten track and takes you along a number of southern / eastern Greek Islands that you do not often come to and along the pearls of the Turkish West coast. Do you like culture, active sailing days and a varied program? Then the Cleopatra route – culminating in the island of Kastellorizo ​​is perfect for you. We have short (min 15 miles) and long sailing days in between, and even have a bit in between where we cross all night (from Rhodes) to Kastellorizo. We recommend that you only book this trip if you have already spent a few days on a sailing yacht – we do not require sailing experience, but it is important that you are aware that the sailing days are longer, the weather is not always good and we regularly stay in a bay free at anchor, so we do not disembark or can only go ashore with the dinghy. All our routes are indicative and subject to weather and wind conditions. Day 1 (arrival day): Welcome to Greece. As soon as you are on board you will get to know your sailing mates and the crew, we will allocate the cabins and you will receive the first explanation about the ins and outs on board. The rest of the day you can enjoy on the beach or explore Kos town. Around 6 pm we gather on board again for a welcome drink, before we go out for dinner together. Day 2 (Friday): After a hearty breakfast, we set sail around 10/11 am. We hoist the sails and you receive the first sailing instructions. Before lunch we make a stop in Turkish Knidos. Knidos is the westernmost point of Turkey and brings with it a lot of history. We end the first day along the Turkish coast. Depending on the weather and wind, we will spend the first evening in the small harbor of Palamut or Ova Buku. Here we will enjoy a delicious meal in a local Turkish restaurant. Day 3 (Saturday): A relaxed sailing day to the town of Datca, the largest town on the Datca peninsula. If the wind is right, we have enough time for an extensive lunch stop, to swim and snorkel in the deep blue clear water. Day 4(Sunday) : Today we sail with broad wind from Datca to Rhodes. If we are lucky we can go to the old port of Rhodes. We all know the Colossus of Rhodes, which must have stood at the harbor entrance of Rhodes. The Old Town of Rhodes has been declared a World Cultural Heritage Site and is one of the most popular sights in Europe. If we cannot go to the old harbour, we can anchor just outside the harbour. Day 5/6 – (Monday/Tuesday): A (semi) lazy day today. We only sail from Rhodes town, to Lindos bay (also on Rhodes). Here we remain free at anchor and can take the dinghy to the beach. We eat and rest early, because tonight around 2 or 3 am we leave for Kastellorizio – more than 75 miles from Rhodes. You will see the moon set and the sun rise, and we spend almost 14/15 hours at sea. You can decide whether you want to stay awake or sleep the night. In the afternoon we arrive at Kastellorizio. The smallest island of the Dodecanese – but also a real hidden gem. From the gangway we walk straight into our restaurant. If you take the path to the hill, you have a fantastic view over the harbor where we are located. Day 7 (Wednesday): Today we visit the Blue Cave at Kastellorizio. Have you ever heard of the Grotta Azzurra in Capri, Italy? The Blue Cave of Kastellorizio is much bigger, and even more impressive. So the Blue Cave alone is worth a visit to Kastellorizio. Day 8 (Thursday): From today we slowly make our way back towards Kos, along the Turkish West Coast (the Lycian Coast). Since we are sailing in Turkey for several days, we also have to clear customs – so remember to bring your Passport on your trip with us (an ID card is not enough). Costs for clearance and your visa are not part of the on-board cash. Today we sail to Kalkan. Kalkan has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year and is almost a bit reminiscent of Greece, but greener. Until 1920, even most of Kalkan’s residents were Greeks or of Greek descent. Day 9 (Friday): We sail further along the Lycian Coast and after a day of sailing, close to the wind, we arrive in Olüdeniz. Olüdeniz means Blue Lagoon – and it is. After many days of sailing and visits to less busy places, we come here for the first time in contact with “tourism” on a larger scale. The lovely sandy beach and wonderful blue water attracts local and international tourists. Olüdeniz is also known for a butterfly valley. Well worth a visit. Day 10 (Saturday) Fethiye – today we have a short sailing day and sail at ease to Fethiye. We stop in one of the many beautiful bays for lunch and arrive at our destination early in the afternoon. Fethiye offers a mix of vibrant nightlife and history. What are you going to do? Visit the Tomb of Amyntas, or get your feet off the floor and dance? Both are of course also possible 🙂 Day 11 (Sunday) Still a bit tired from our party night, we make our way to Dalyan or Mamaris. Which of the two places we visit depends on the weather forecast in the coming days. Because we still have a long way to go. Dalyan is known as one of the breeding grounds of the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle. Shall we spot turtles today? Day 12 (Monday): Symi is on the program today. If the wind is favorable, we will go to Symi town tonight. This harbor town is very special and is known for its vibrant nightlife. If the wind is less favorable – then we stay the night in Panamoritis – a small bay on Symi, with a very famous monastery. Day 13(Tuesday): Today we have two options – but both mean a long sailing day for us. From Symi we make a long trip to Nysiros – an island with an active but dormant volcano or we moor in Kardamena. A cozy harbor town on Kos, on the south side of the island. Day 14 (Wednesday): Our last sailing day, but certainly not an easy one. Close to the wind we sail around the western side of Kos back to the Marina of Kos. Around 4 or 5 o’clock we arrive back at our home port. Here we enjoy a drink, take an extensive shower and then walk after the restaurant for our last evening together. Day 15 (Thursday): This is transfer day. You will go home with lots of great memories and new friends. You will disembark around 9am so that the crew can prepare the boat for the next trip. Number of participants: minimum 5 people, maximum 8 people. The routes offer a wide variety of harbors, bays and beautiful views. The described routes are subject to change and can be adjusted due to weather and other circumstances. This is always at the discretion of the skipper.