Getting there

Kos Island is regularly frequented 7 days a week, from many airport around Europe. Our changeover day is Thursday, so we recommend you to book a flight arriving on Thursday. Altenatively you can book a hotel, air bnb or hostel if you arrive earlier on Kos.

You can book a transfer from the airport to Kos Marina (and back) with us. The price is € 30.

Have you not booked a transfer? The Omiros and Osiris are moored at pontoon A on the head in the new marina of Kos. Every taxi driver knows how to find the marina. The price for a taxi ride from the airport to the marina is approx. €40.00.

You can also travel to Kos town by bus. It costs €3.20 and you can buy the ticket from the driver. But the buses are very limited. The bus station in Kos town is about 20 minutes walk from the marina. You can also take a taxi from the bus station to the marina and that costs € 500.

Meer lezen over onze algemene voorwaarden?
Who travels with us?

Our guests are mostly solo travelers. This means they are traveling solo, but are not necessary single.

The ages of our travelers vary between 25 and 65 years. Certain weeks are specially reserved for peers between the ages of 25 and 45. Other weeks are open again for all ages from 25 years.


Are we sailing with other boats?

Our Omiros and Osiris sail together most of the time, each with its own experienced crew. Other than that we are enjoying the freedom that sailing alone brings with it.

How’s the weather?

In the Dodecanese and the West coast of Turkey the Meltemi winds are blowing in the summer. The Meltemi is a fairly stable wind from the Northwest with a force of 4 to 7. In the summer it can be around 35 degrees Celsius, but because of the cool breeze it is never too hot.


Do I need sailing experience?

Nope. You do not need any sailing experience.
If you want to learn how to sail, however, the skipper will be happy to guide you and you will also have the opportunity to perform all the tasks that are involved, including navigating and steering the boat under supervision.

We expect that everyone helps a hand in docking and mooring, but on the way you are free to be as active as you want. If you feel like it, you can learn a lot about trimming the sails, but you can also listen to lazy music, read a book or lie in the sun if you prefer.

How many hours a day are we on the water?

We sail for about four to six hours a day on average. This is of course dependent on the wind. In the vicinity of Kos and Bodrum there is almost always wind. The Etesian/Meltemi winds blow here and make this area an excellent sailing area.

Staying abroad

Can I drink tap water?

Yes – we have a water filter on board. In the galley with have special tap for drinking water. Here you can fill and refill a bottle or glass whenever you want to. You gotta stay hydrated 🙂

Do the ships have toilets and showers?

Our ships are equipped with small bathrooms, with shower and toilet. On the swim platform at the back of the boat is another shower, so you can rinse with fresh water after swimming.

Food and groceries

We have a so called “boat kitty”. This boat kitty is €200 per person per week. From this amount we take care of Breakfasts, lunch for all days, two dinners on board, happy hour snacks and drinks, as well as harbor dues, water, diesel, transit log (ship’s documents) and tourist tax.
Not included are the dinners and drinks on land.

How are the huts divided?

We have 4 cabins with 2-person beds. We strive to divide the huts by genders. Of course we discuss this together with the whole team, once every guest has arrived.

I have a special diet, is that an issue?

Depending on your diet, we can take this into account. Please clearly indicate your dietary requirements when booking, so we can discuss with you what is possible and what is not.

I want to sleep on deck. What do I need?

On deck we have a number of mattresses available for those who want to sleep outside. Additionally, both gangways are wide enough so that there is sufficient space as well. Bring a light sleeping bag if you know you want to sleep outside. The weather in Greece and Turkey is also warm at night and you can sleep outside and enjoy the thousands of stars.

What clothing should I pack?

The temperatures here in the summer can be very high and can easily reach 35 degrees during the day. So you have more than enough of 1 (fleece) sweater or a thin jacket, in the evenings.

Bring a long-sleeved shirt, good sunglasses and a cap to protect you from the sun, the radiation is very strong because of the reflection of the water. In addition, bring sunscreen with a high protection factor.
Furthermore, you need the usual summer clothing; shorts, t-shirts and swimwear.

It is not allowed to walk on the deck with outdoor shoes/slippers. If you do not want to walk barefoot, bring an extra set of slippers that are clean and stay clean.

What facilities are there on-board?

A refrigerator ensures that the drinks can always be served cool.
A CD/MP3 player provides the musical setting for the holiday. An MP3 player or I-pod with USB connection or Bluetooth can be connected to the on-board entertainment. There are sound boxes both inside and outside in the cockpit.
We have snorkel gear on-board available: a number of sets of googles with snorkel and a number of pairs of flippers in various sizes. For the avid snorkeler, it can be useful to bring your own equipment.

Charging of telephones, MP3 players and cameras is always possible when the ship is running the engine or when connected to shore power. There is a laptop on board where in case of emergency e-mail traffic with the shore via satellite is possible.

The largest part of the area where we sail has phone reception, you can use your mobile phone.

What if I get seasick?

Seasickness can occur depending on the strength and direction of the wind and the waves. Experience shows that seasickness is usually a matter of habituation and usually only lasts a day.
To be sure, you can bring pills against travel sickness.

Some tips to avoid getting seasick:

Make sure you continue to eat well and healthy. Not too fat, but sufficient.

Drink enough water, no coffee.

Stay outside. In your cabin you will soon lose orientation and that will make your seasickness worse.

Keep your eyes open. Seasickness is a combination of vision and your balance organ.

Primatour or Vomex are medicines for the prevention of seasickness. Be well informed by your doctor or pharmacy.

Swimming. Once there is moored or anchored, try to swim a few laps. This helps to bring balance back into balance.

What luggage should I bring?

Do NOT BRING suitcases, as they are very impractical on the boat and will only take in a lot of space in your hut. Please bring your luggage in a duffle or sports bag.