West Route

The West route is the most intensive of our 3 routes. We sail an average of 25 Nautical miles per day. The route is very varied and goes along the most beautiful islands.

Check the route:

Day 1 (arrival):
Welcome aboard! As soon as you are on board you meet your fellow sailors and the crew. We distribute the huts and give you first explanations about the ins and outs on board. Then you can explore Kos town.

Day 2:
We strive for an early departure, because we have a big sailing day ahead of us. Our goal is the southern bay of Leros. On the way you get the first sailing instructions. We anchor at the southern sheltered bay of Xerokambos. Here we celebrate our first “Happy Hour” and we cook on board. The bay has a beautiful beach and after a dive in the crystal clear water you feel like reborn again.

Day 3: A spectacular sailing day to the “almost” uninhabited island of Levita. We drop the anchor right in front of the beach in the bay. The island is only inhabited by the lighthouse keeper Giorgos. We arrive reasonably on time, so plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling.

Day 4:
An exciting sailing trip to Amorgos, about 35 NM. Along the steep rocks, which seem to rise up perpendicular from the sea, we sail to the lively little harbor of Aiyiali. From here we can make a trip by bus or moped to the Chora, a village high on the mountain.

Day 5: The next day brings us to Astapalea. Here we moor right at the quay and walk straight into the pub. We have dinner on the beach.

Day 6: We are preparing for a long sailing trip of approx. 40 NM to Kalymnos. If we have favorable winds we get there in time and can moor at the cozy boulevard of Pothia. We are right in the center of this lively town.

Day 7:Today we sail back to Kos. We make a last swim stop in the picturesque bay of Pseriomos, a small island on the route to Kos. We will moor at our spot in Kos Marina and prepare for a last night out in this bustling city.

Day 8 (departure): Unfortunately the end point of our trip and besides a nice tan you also take a suitcase full of beautiful memories home with you. If you stay for a second week, you have a resting day today and you can relax on the beach or explore Kos Town.

Number of participants: minimum 5 people, maximum 8 people. The routes offer a wide variety of harbors, bays and beautiful views. The routes described are subject to change and can be adjusted by weather and other circumstances. This always at the discretion of the skipper.

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